November 2020

Marion Wink Reviews Like Love for WYPR​.

"The main thing about Morano is the way she effortlessly sweeps yoiu into her experience of the world." 

October 2020

Another Chicago Magazine shares excerpt from Like Love. 

"I don’t mean that I loved him. Love needs time, much longer than a month, to take root and grow. But being in love, that early, dangerous stage of mild obsession, can happen quickly and intensely, without one’s consent or control."

October 2020

LitHub shares excerpt from Like Love: "Whoever Said Platonic Love Can't Be Sexy (Hint: Not Plato)" 

"Love is the in-between, the back-and-forth, the translator, the ferryman. Love is the fulcrum on which the teeter-totter rests, the enabler of stomach-churning, mind-spinning excitement, as well as the excitement itself, as well as the ever-present danger of falling to the ground. Must we expect it to be moral, too?" 

September 2020

BookPage Review of Like Love

"Morano makes clear that even though we are all complicit in love and its ensuing chaos, our only obligation is to experience it."

September 2020

Hypertext Magazine 


"With every one of these essays, there was something in it where during the writing I could feel my shoulders starting to creep up towards my ears. Whenever that happens I know I’m onto something and I have to go further."


August 2020

Kirkus Reviews Gives Like Love STARRED REVIEW.

"A sharp eye, brave intellect, and satisfying writing make this worth a look even for those who don’t usually read essays."

July 2020

Booklist Recommends Like Love

“Haunting….Every piece reads like a conversation between close friends, sharing their greatest moments of vulnerability and their brightest memories of softness.… Morano’s work is proof that a life spent in love is monumental, worth entire books, worth everything.”